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Kara Haines Acupuncture


Dr. Kara Haines Flint, owner of Kara Haines Acupuncture, is a general practitioner who specializes in Family Medicine including general pain conditions, internal medicine, fertility enhancement,  prenatal & postnatal health, and Pediatrics. 


Kara Haines Acupuncture is where your goals towards health, comfort, and balance are our priority. I am dedicated to providing a warm and welcoming environment where the whole family can heal, relieve stress, and prevent disharmony within the body. By working together, self-care and treatments are combined for optimal benefits while getting you back to your happiest and healthiest self. 


This practice utilizes ancient healing modalities and  to modern knowledge to encourage the body's natural healing response and overall balance. Your body is brilliantly designed to maintain stability or homeostasis; however, obstacles can steer us off track. When imbalances occur, disease or discomfort may arise, and our health suffers.  My goal is to guide you along this journey towards optimal balance, which in turn provides you with a healthy, symptom-free life. A relaxing atmosphere promotes your comfort and healing process while support for lifestyle changes and self-care techniques extend additional healing.


Acupuncture, non-needle therapies, herbal medicine, and supporting therapies are used within the office and explained throughout your treatment. I have a passion for education and knowledge and believe the more one understands their treatment and healing adventure, the better the outcome. Nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, and more can be advised to ensure the best possible results. 

"Honor the spirit.
Treat people while they are well to keep them well.
Teach people to sustain Health.
~Chinese Physician's Oath



147 East Main St. |  STE 102

Brevard, NC. 28712

Tel: 828-575-0123


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