Meet Amanda

Pediatric Sleep Specialist

My Hero! 

My son started out sleeping well as a newborn, at least compared to the stories I had heard from other mom-friends. 

However, the four-month sleep regression came at our family with a vengeance. Suddenly, we were waking up every hour or two and jumping through crazy hoops to get our little guy to fall asleep at all. During the day, we were lucky if we got a couple of short naps in as he crashed in our arms or the miracle swing. 

And then I met Amanda. She coached us towards a bedtime and nap routine that worked for our family. Since our sleep consultation, our son has gone to bed without any complaints and looks forward to his crib time. He falls asleep peacefully, stays asleep ALL NIGHT, and doesn't require any assistance or milk to do so! 

Not only are we all happy and fully rested, but my husband and I get time together in the evenings. We can accomplish our goals during daytime naps. We feel human again! Thank you, Amanda, for teaching and guiding us and establishing healthy and happy habits.

Amanda Pavlich 

Sleeping Baby

Amanda's Bio

As a doula, I see each pregnancy as a unique miracle and an opportunity to build the foundation for a happy and healthy family. I am a professional Birth/Postpartum Doula and a Certified Pediatric Sleep Specialist based in Navarre, FL. I attend births at hospitals from Pensacola to Miramar Beach, including military birthing facilities. More importantly, I help families embark on their parenting journey through evidence-based education provided in-person and through virtual support.


I offer free consultations so that parents can make sure we are a perfect match.  I hope to connect with you soon!

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