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Where oh where do I begin? I used to work in an assisted living & memory care community. I transferred residents from a wheelchair to a chair to do activities. Although I was trained properly, moving 300 lbs. of dead weight took a toll on the side of my wrists (not carpel tunnel). My hands tend to fall asleep at night and I wake up in pain. Kara had mitigated my pain through her gentle & kind spirit. I have acupuncture and cupping done and boy has that helped. I have taken her recommended Chinese herbs as well. Kara is the real deal! She has helped with my allergies and my whole being. I can honestly say I feel more grounded - alive and hands down I totally recommend Kara. Go to her Happy Hours to "test drive" acupuncture if it's your first time. You won't regret it!
- Guest
I have had treatments from 4 other acupuncturists over the past 20 years or so and you are The Best! Please know that you are The Queen of the Needle, and I received nothing but relief from our time together. -Lisa D. Brevard, NC. 2018
- Kara L Haines
Kara is very sweet and listen to you carefully, explain everything to you carefully as well...
My daughter got so much better, now she doesn't use any medicine for her allergies, and headaches and much more......!!
Thank you!! Miss, Kara!!
- B. Diaz, Brevard NC
I have never tried acupuncture before but have advanced arthritis in several body locations. After 55 years of competitive tennis and 20 years of jogging 5 miles/day and other extreme physical training; my right hand and right foot were so painful that I could no longer exercise. After no help with doctors, I decided to try acupuncture with Kara. After attending an introduction to acupuncture with Kara, I was convinced she knew her trade. I was so right. Even after the first session the pain was dramatically reduced. After our program, I felt so much better. I'm fully confident that I can go back to tennis as long as I can start slowly. I am so thankful to Kara for her kindness, knowledge and caring. I totally recommend Kara's acupuncture for anyone in pain.
- D.L. Gordon
Dear Kara, Thank you for my wonderful introduction to acupuncture aboard the Symphony! I never imagined that a science could bring such relief from so many of life's aches & pains. You created an island of peace for each of our sessions, and I'm truly going to miss you and them. Now I know that come future passengers will benefit as I have from your magic touch. Live long and prosper!
- G. Blanchard
Kara was very knowledgeable and did not mind explaining her treatments. I had an array of painful complaints, but she addressed them all throughout my sessions to alleviate my pain.
- K. Josephsen
Kara understands my rheumatoid arthritis condition and the inflammation coming with it. By inserting needles in the proper locations she was able to decrease the inflammation level and overcome some of the lack of feeling in my feet where I have neuropathy. In each of the three treatments I felt improvement in my affected areas. Kara explained what she was doing and how the acupuncture treatment effects the body.
- M. Farm
Kara was fabulous. I had 10 treatments with her on the Zuiderdam and could feel the remarkable difference. My pain and stress levels are greatly reduced, and Kara helped me to see the benefit of acupuncture. When I return home, I will continue sessions to maintain the benefits. I highly recommend discussing options with Kara and giving acupuncture a try.
- M. Lindsey
Kara Haines was so professional. She addressed all my needs for the chronic pain I was having. Her treatment was excellent and she is an asset to the Crystal Cruise line. I hope to see her on our next cruise.
- D. Grimmick
The treatment was not painful except larger one in glute felt a bit odd. I found relief of pain level after each treatment. It moved out of my shoulder and decreased into just sensitive with only two treatments. I hope this third treatment to have it all gone. Kara was very professional and gentle.
- M. Pemble
I am pleased to recommend Kara, a real professional in her acupuncture skills. I came on board with acute shoulder pain and she suggested a treatment plan including appointments and intermittent massages. I am now pain free thanks to Kara.
- M.V. Brenner
Kara Haines was very professional. She calmed and reassured me as I went thru my first treatment. I have two physical issues: 1) pain and limited range of motion in my left shoulder; 2) sore muscles and pain in my right knee. After just one visit Kara was able to reduce the pain and increase the range of motion. I signed up for two additional visits and they were well worth it. I intend to continue acupuncture when I get home, Kara provided the credentials to look for when looking for an acupuncturist. Thanks again Kara.
- M. Abanaldi
Kara is wonderful. I’d never had acupuncture before and wasn’t sure what to expect. Honestly I was a bit skeptical but my low back pain was so bad I decided to give it a go. I am so glad I did. In the past after I’ve hurt my back it has taken months and months to get better but it’s only been weeks and I feel almost back to normal (and to me that’s amazing since this time my back was the worst it’s ever been.) Like in the past I saw a Dr and have been seeing a chiropractor. The only thing new this time was adding acupuncture to the mix. And honestly I felt the most relief and improvement after my acupuncture visits. If I didn’t experience immediate improvement by the next day I was better. Lastly you might read that acupuncture isn’t painful but I have to disagree with the that. Sometimes some needles hurt a bit but the pain doesn’t last long. If you are worried about pain, Kara will work with you to make sure you are comfortable (one needle doesn’t fit all. ) I can’t recommend Kara enough. She is professional. She listens and doesn’t get annoyed when you ask questions - she actually welcomes it and you can tell she enjoys explaining and providing info. She is great and I’m so lucky I found her (my back is too!)
- C. Walker, Brevard, NC
Kara Haines was so professional. She addressed all my needs for the chronic pain I was having. Her treatment was excellent and she is an asset to the Crystal Cruise line. I hope to see her on our next cruise.
- G. Radtke
I would like to extend my appreciation and gratitude to Ms. Kara Haines for alleviating my lower back pain with her acupuncture treatments (five) while on board the Zuiderdam during the period of December 11-28, 2016. Kara is a very caring and thoughtful person, and I wish her the very best always!
- R. Freud
I'm so glad Holland America offered this service. I attended the introductory talk when I first got on the ship. I've been having lower back pain for at least a year and had gotten no relief from anything I tried. After three treatments, I'm pain free. Kara explained the treatment thoroughly and completely. Thanks so much Kara. I would recommend this for anyone who's been in pain and can't get rid of it.
- V. McBee
I recently had the pleasure of meeting Kara Haines when I suffered a bout of severe back pain while on a cruise. I set up a series of treatments for acupuncture with Kara and was very happy with the results. My pain was completely eliminated in some areas and greatly reduced in others. Kara listened with compassion to my complaints and persisted in adjusting each treatment to achieve the best results. She is both a knowledgeable and skillful professional and a kind, caring person. Thanks to Kara, I was able to truly enjoy my vacation.
- E. Handloff
Very impressed with Ms. Haines' knowledge and professionalism. She has a very sensitive touch. Have had lower back pain for a number of years that would not be relieved by chiropractic methods. She was able to eliminate the pain in 3 treatments. I now sleep better and have more energy. Walking is easier again.
- L. Meryll
Being my first acupuncture treatment, I was cautious. Kara reassured me and carefully explained how and why acupuncture works. I had five sessions for lower back pain, sciatica and neck pain. The results are astonishing. I immediately became more agile, and the pain was radically reduced. Kara is highly motivated, professional, and well qualified. I had complete faith in her ability. Acupuncture is full of wild and wonderful sensations. For me it has been a great success and I am very grateful to Kara for her kindness, understanding, and skill!
- M.L.
As this was my first time for acupuncture I was a little skeptical. I had hurt my back moving some boxes and then my heavy suitcase. Several treatments with Kara and I was pain free! I'm now a believer. Thanks Kara for a better vacation.
- D. Greene
This was my first experience with acupuncture. Kara was very professional, gentle and compassionate. I was so relaxed after each treatment. I had back pain that was successfully treated. This is a new source of treatment I will continue using. If you have not tried it please do! Thank you so much.
- M. Pritchard
Kara Haines has made a huge difference in my life. Not only did she eliminate a great deal of pain in my legs and back, but she helped me overcome my long-time fear of acupuncture. Thank you, Kara, for your gift of well-being.
- J. Bleichner
With 3 sessions with Kara- the discomfort I had prior almost disappeared. I was able to enjoy this cruise and definitely the white river tubing which I was doubtful of. She was professional, caring and a good teacher. I felt well cared for!! Thank you, Kara.
- E. Shanahan
This is the second time I have availed myself of the acupuncture expertise on a HAL cruise. It is with extreme gratitude that I acknowledge the expertise of this practitioner. Kara's skill relieved sudden muscular pain in my lower back and knee. The opportunity to deal with pain without drugs is greatly appreciated and I highly recommend the choice for injury and pain management.
- N. Langdon
After 3 acupuncture treatments I did notice a lessening of the pain in my lower back, legs and shoulder.
- D.R. Miller
The day I arrived on board, my thighs, shins & toes were aching from my hike up to the Acropolis in Athens that morning. When I saw the services of an acupuncturist, I immediately made an appointment with Kara Haines. Due to my prior experiences back home with acupuncture treatments, I found that Kara is very experienced with a great sense of individual needs. I felt great relief of pain at the end of the first session. She also immediately asked if I would like to have 2 more sessions while on board, which I appreciated. I would be doing more intensive walking throughout this cruise. The 2nd treatment she worked with my lower back pain and legs; again there was immediate relief. On the 3rd session I came in with the beginning of a sore throat. At the end of the session the pain was subsided. Kara is so professional yet friendly; most of all she attends to individual needs to the utmost. It's wonderful to have a professional who enjoys her job! Good luck in your career!
- B. Tamanaha
I am very glad Holland America offered acupuncture. I've always wanted to experience the many therapeutic benefits I read regarding this ancient procedure. A few days before boarding the Zuiderdam I was experiencing abnormal pain in and around my right knee. Extra strength Tylenol only helped for a few hours. I knew I shouldn't take it for the entire cruise because of the effects it can have on the liver. After I was settled on board I went to the spa for a consultation. I was delighted to meet Kara Haines. We had an instant connection. She explained the many aspects of acupuncture. I knew I had to try it or I would not enjoy my vacation. I also knew my condition would put a burden on my husband and the ten additional family members I was traveling with. I requested treatments for the entire cruise. Thanks to Kara Haines and her kindness and expertise, my pain subsided 85 percent and my vacation was 110 percent. My whole being is fantastic. I feel great!
- S. Johnson
I have had a lot of acupuncture due to my double knee replacement. Kara is very professional and knowledgeable and truly understands the human body. I did 3 treatments with her and she helped me with my symptoms. I wish I had booked more sessions with her at the beginning of the cruise. She is very good at her profession and has a delightful disposition.
- L. Smith
Kara, thanks for the treatments! I'm walking normally (for me) with almost no pain!!
- H. Heffelfinger
When I came on board, the nerve pain in my feet was an 8/10. (I am on a mobility scooter). I signed up for 10 acupuncture treatments. After five, the burning nerve pain was mostly gone. After 9, 50% of the muscle/tendon soreness was gone. There was further improvement after the 10th treatment. The ligaments feel softer and the feet are much less stiff. Kara knows what she's doing!
- K. Lembert
As an RN I'm very cautious when I seek treatment from any medical personnel. Listening to Kara Haines LAc. I felt confident to try acupuncture. I have been having problems with my right lateral ligament for about 1 1/2 years. Kara listened to my disorders. That was the area she worked the most on. After the 1st treatment, there was major change for the better. So much so, I decided to have a 2nd session. Now I'm comfortable enough with the use of acupuncture that I will follow through with it at home. Kara has a great calming voice, explains everything before and after the procedure. She also asks about medications I was taking before giving any advice about herbal or other treatments.
- S. Graichen
Kara is very sweet and listen to you carefully, explain everything to you carefully as well...
My daughter got so much better, now she doesn't use any medicine for her allergies, and headaches and much more......!!
Thank you!! Miss, Kara!!
- B. Diaz, Brevard NC
- B Diaz
Before we boarded, my allergies were driving me crazy. I was very irritable and was not sleeping well. I had a constant running nose, itchy throat, and sneezed every 10 minutes. Allergies have been bothering me my whole life and I have been taking medicine for them my whole life. Because of Kara and her skills in acupuncture, I no longer have allergies. I have not taken medicine for a week now!! Absolutely incredible. Kara was very polite and talked through your symptoms and addressed how she is going to get to them. We not only talked professionally but personally and it made everything very easy and made me want to go back the next day. Not only did she help my allergies but also my anxiety, irritability, and sleep!! Kara was incredible and I would book another cruise just because of her.
- W. Smith
Enjoyed working with Kara. She really helped with the allergies. I highly recommend her.
- B. Lawson
I am so thrilled to have found someone to treat my whole being. I have used acupuncture as medicine for about 20 years, my former acupuncturist moved and I was devastated. I found Kara and couldn't be more thrilled. Gentle and Super Intuitive. Kara took the time to really listen to what was going on and took time to explain how she could help and why. I left feeling better than ever and know that I have a new practitioner to help me along on this health journey. She's a gift to this practice!
- Natalie
Kara is fabulous!! She helped me in so many ways. I've been diagnosed with IBS and she relieved my bloated stomach. I'm recovering from a fractured hip with knee pain and she has taken away most of my pain. I wish she lived closer to me, but I will try to find someone at home to help me. I've been to many acupuncturists- but she is absolutely the BEST!!!
- J. Eman
I had acupuncture years ago in England so I had personal experience as to its effectiveness in dealing with digestive complaints. Aside from having Hashimotos that has contributed to my digestion being slow and battling malabsorption issues, as well as hormonal imbalances. I have had lymphatic congestion for a while that no matter what I tried: massage, exercise, but nothing worked. The acupuncture session I had has helped to work on these energy blocks and bring my body back into balance. An added bonus is its calming effect on the mind, which in my opinion is paramount in fighting any type of illness/pain. Kara is a very approachable, knowledgeable and puts you to ease instantly- quality which only serves to enhance acupuncture's health benefits. In my opinion a healer needs to walk her talk to be credible- and Kara does exactly that.
- T. Borrell
I had three sessions of a acupuncture with Kara and have to say that she helped me incredibly much. I had vertigo and pain in my neck, as well as indigestion. She was miracle person and treated my problems. I was much better after that. She is very knowledgeable and caring. Thank you.
- L. Goller
Kara is always spot on for my treatments. I feel so very much better already. Acupuncture works and Kara is an expert.

Brevard, NC. 2019
- Guest
The proof, as we say, is in the pudding... I feel better each time I visit Kara and know that what she is doing is working for the betterment of my health. -Brevard, 2019
- Guest
I appreciated the time/listening given by Kara in this initial appointment. Very thorough and knowledgeable. Beautiful, calm office... lovely, relaxing space. Acupuncture experience was A+!
- Nancy B.
I came in to see you when my baby was breech and it turned! Now, I am 2 days past my "due" date and would love your help inducing labor. We are so eager to meet this baby! -Brevard 2018
- Guest
Kara was great! My first experience with acupuncture and it really helped!
- J. Thomas
This was my first experience with acupuncture. Not only was I impressed with the treatment but I am so fond of Kara. I did 2 series of 5 treatments. I was sold on the treatments by Kara's passion and knowledge of acupuncture. Kara is gentle, compassionate, extremely bright, and knowledgeable. I felt the cumulative effects of my acupuncture series, and felt progressively better after each subsequent treatment. The acupuncture series produced real results in my body, and the treatments (and Kara!) helped me get through a difficult time. I will continue on, in my city, to find an acupuncturist. Kara has set the bar! It is a wonderful and appropriate treatment to have on a spa menu. Kara-Thank you again for helping me so much this week! All the best to you...
- R. Kane
Kara is an outstanding acupuncturist who is a caring professional in dealing with her patients. She spent time understanding my particular issues and then developed a protocol to address them. Had seven treatments and they resulted in a significant improvement in the area of the body that was focused on. Easy to recommend Kara to others. A great addition to the Crystal Symphony.
- S. Chaudet
Outstanding approach to her profession, was obviously committed to making sure the client had a positive experience. Kara is a credit to Holland's spa staff. 'Needleless' to say I was surprisingly satisfied with the service.
- T. Watts
Kara gave me an informative introduction to acupuncture and its benefits. I felt that the symptoms I was experiencing fit the criteria of acupuncture relief. I had 3 treatments of 5 days and have shown improvement in several areas. I plan to consult an acupuncture upon return to my home. Kara was a pleasure to work with.
- B. Hampton
This was my first experience with acupuncture although I have read many books on the practice of Oriental Medicine. After a consultation with Kara Haines, I decided to sign up for a course of treatments. I explained all my concerns and problems, health wise, with Kara and I feel she addressed each one with her knowledge and professionalism. I had a very good experience with acupuncture due to Kara and plan to continue with treatments as needed when I return home to the states. Thanks, Kara.
- N. Cone
My experience with Kara was excellent. This was my first experience with acupuncture. I had three sessions. She addressed my body complaints. Had immediate improvement in the area she treated. I benefited not only from her skills but the knowledge she shared that will help me continue treatment with a qualified therapist when I return home.
- E. Crosland
Kara is amazing. Thank you for introducing me to acupuncture. I came with discomfort and skepticism and left with relief and belief in an ancient method of curing.
- T.Vaught
I am a firm believer in the practice of Holistic Medicine and am under the continuing care of an Asian trained doctor at home... That said, Ms. Kara Haines provided me with wonderful care and physical relief/release on this trip. I have met very few Western practitioners of acupuncture who are really excellent. Ms. Haines is the top one of the five who have treated me. Her caring and sincere attitude helped immediately in my healing. Thank you.
- S. Dyer
Kara's calm and reassuring demeanor during the free consult is what enticed me to sign up for the treatments. She is extremely knowledgeable and skilled with excellent communication skills. Her personable approach laced with the expertise of her craft make her an excellent clinician. My only regret is that I will be unable to benefit from her talents once I leave the ship!
- L. Kunkel
I enjoyed exploring acupuncture with Kara and felt relief from several symptoms. She is very knowledgeable and compassionate; all of my questions were addressed in a helpful way! Thanks for adding a truly new dimension to my cruise experience!
- E. Houston
This was my first experience with acupuncture. Kara very carefully and thoroughly explained the process as well as likely feelings and sensations. She was extremely professional and created a very comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. I highly recommend Kara as an extremely well qualified professional!
- T. Vogeleringer
Kara's a gentle reassuring young woman that is truly concerned about your well being. Asks about your experiences and level of it. I got relief from the treatments which is what I was hoping for. Kara is an asset to the ship.
- J. Silverman
Kara was a joy to work with. Her professionalism and knowledge of acupuncture was top notch! I've had acupuncture in the past, and was very pleased with Kara's services! She got 'right to the point' (ha, no pun intended).
- D. Hope