Back "home" in Brevard, NC. It's a strange concept: "home"... As I was driving away from my current living situation (Brevard) towards the airport to fly back to the "home" of where I grew up and consider where I'm from, I felt "homesick"... When you're a lifelong traveler with gypsy blood coursing through your veins, "home" is an unusual word.

Where is home? What do you consider home? Is it where you live, where you were born, where you grew into a person or discovered your true self? Or is it simply where the heart is? I'm not sure if I fully appreciated Brevard as my new home until I was leaving. I suddenly felt like I was truly driving away from my home to go back to a land that was originally, and even recently, considered "home". I arrived in Denver and realized how ingrained that airport was in me. I suddenly had a sense of direction and knew exactly where to go. My mom picked me up and the place where I spent most of my childhood was as if I never left. I had a very deep, internalized sense of home there.

Then I traveled via train up to Carbondale (between Aspen and Glenwood Springs), a place I lived a mere three years, yet have always considered it to be the official Home-Base. Being back in Carbondale, the memories of a time of when I grew into an "adult" or my true person flooded my mind and heart... I became "me" in Carbondale... and felt like I was back home again. Yet, I missed Brevard and the new home it has become since July 2017. My friends and sweetheart were a bit worried about me falling back in love with the original homestead of Colorado and never return to North Carolina. Fortunately, they were wrong. I'm happier than ever being back where I feel I belong now in life. As good as it felt to be reminded of the home Colorado provided me and created within me, Brevard is my home now.

So, in conclusion... home must truly be where the heart is; while not limiting the amount of different forms of "home" there can be.

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