Acupuncture & Seasonal Allergies

Spring is in the air, which means beautiful tree blossoms, budding flowers, milder

weather with lots of sunshine, and the dreaded seasonal allergies. Fortunately,

acupuncture treatments alleviate symptoms by supporting the immune system and

reducing the inflammatory and histamine response caused by plant pollens.

Below are some tips to reduce the allergic response to spring pollen between

acupuncture treatments:

1). Eat Clean and Reduce Dairy.

In general, dairy creates more mucus in the body (In Chinese Medicine, we call it

dampness.). Decreasing or eliminating dairy during the allergy season significantly

reduces allergy-related symptoms.

2). Support the Liver Function of Detoxification.

In Chinese Medicine, the Liver relates to the Wood Element and the color green, which

corresponds to the energetics of Spring. The Liver helps to detoxify harmful substances

in the body, remove bacteria from the bloodstream, and support the immune system.

Add in greens such as cooked spinach, swiss chard, artichokes, and dandelion greens;

include Liver supporting fruits like kiwi, grapes, berries; and beans such as lima beans

and green lentils.

3) Perform Acupressure to Alleviate Sinus Congestion.

The point Hegu, Large Intestine 4, is the "Command Point" of the head and face. The

acupuncture point stimulates the immune system, alleviates nasal congestion and

reduces headaches. Press on Hegu, Large Intestine 4 (see photo below for location) for

about 15 seconds per hand, several times per day, or as needed for symptom relief.


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