Hydration Challenge

Updated: May 8, 2020

Do you drink enough water? What is your first, immediate response?

I'm a healthcare practitioner who likes to practice what I preach, so naturally my automatic response was, "of course!" I always have a water bottle with me: in my car, at my desk, next to my bed... However, it turns out I'm not drinking enough of this life elixir. After reading an article on the importance of daily water intake, I decided to pay closer attention to prove to myself that I am indeed drinking the recommended amount of water (if not more!). They say we need 8 servings of 8 ounces of water a day = 64 ounces (more if you're physically active or living in a warmer climate). I looked at my water bottle, which holds 50.7 fluid ounces and thought to myself, "I must drink at least 1.5 of those a day... right?" So I put it to the test.

Yesterday was the first day of actively trying to drink about 75 ounces (1.5 bottles). I failed. Thought I was doing great, yet by the end of the day I only managed to finish one full bottle. Made me realize that I probably haven't been drinking enough.

Dehydration is something I think of with a desert landscape, but is actually something we are probably dealing with on a day to day basis. When our body is dehydrated our brains shrink, our skin and hair lose their luster, and our muscles don't receive the nourishment they crave.

10 Warning Signs of Dehydration Article: 1) Dark yellow urine; 2) Difficulty concentrating; 3) Bad breath or dry mouth; 4) Constipation or digestive issues; 5) Sudden food cravings (false hunger); 6) Fatigue or lethargy; 7) Heart palpitations; 8) Scaly, dry skin or lips; 9) Joint or muscle pain; 10) Headaches or dizziness

Take the challenge. Find out exactly how much water you're drinking. Find one water bottle and measure the amount of ounces you intake. Then let's see how we feel in 7 - 10 days.

From today onwards, I'm going to strive towards dodging dehydration. Something as simple as drinking water can make all the difference. Keep your body happy and hydrated. And drink more water!

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