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What does that point do?

I'm often asked the question, "what does that point do?" It is always such a fun challenge for me to explain a point that I'm used to understanding in Chinese Medicine terms to someone who requires an English, or layperson, translation. So here it goes:

Pc.6 (Pericardium 6) is located on the Pericardium channel and is named "Inner Gate". You may already be familiar with this point. Ever wear or see the motion sickness bracelets? There ya go! By stimulating this point, any nausea or vomiting is relieved (sea sickness, motion sickness, morning sickness, etc.).

This point is also fantastic for the chest. The pericardium channel connects to the chest, pericardium, and heart. Many different concerns benefit tremendously including anxiety, asthma, tightness in the chest, palpitations (heart fluttering), arrhythmia (irregular heart rhythm), heart burn, acid reflux, and so on.

The wrist area is also associated with the abdomen. Pc.6 can also treat digestive concerns, such as nausea and unsettled tummies.

Inner and Outer Gates

"Inner Gate" is the name of this point due to it's strong ability to calm the spirit and relax the inner environment of you. There is a point on the outside of the wrist called "Outer Gate" as well which, despite being on a completely different channel, is wonderfully paired with Pc.6. In combination, these two points are used to balance the internal environment with the external. Here's an example of a case:

Case Study

A 27 year old woman came to see me with anxiety and depression. She told me it began a couple weeks ago and it felt like her life was spinning out of control. She felt overwhelmed and struggled with even the smallest tasks. Her chest had a fluttering sensation and tightness and she was slumped over to protect herself from the world. I needled her Pc.6 on the right side and "Outer Gate" (TE 5) on the left side. The goal was to calm her internal environment (the mind, emotions, hormones, blood pressure, etc.) so that she could cope with her life again (external environment).

She immediately reported feeling better and even fell asleep on the treatment table. After her treatment she had bright eyes, a big smile, and left with a confidence in her step. She reported a few days later that she was back on track and taking on the world again.

To find your Pc.6 "Inner Gate", place your 3 fingers on the wrist crease. The point is located just under the third finger between the two main tendons, right in the center of your wrist. By pressing on this point, you are stimulating your "Inner Gate" and activating your very own relaxation button.

DISCLAIMER: Acupressure is safe for personal use, please do not attempt to acupuncture (using needles) yourself or others. Only press (using fingers) this or any point! I cannot stress this enough:Do NOT attempt to put any needles into your wrist or anywhere else.I have studied for more than 4 years in order to safely apply needles to the body and to avoid blood vessels and nerves, which are very common in the wrist.

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