The weather cannot seem to make up its mind between winter and spring and I know my body is feeling the indecisiveness. I'm ready to hang up my jackets and take out the dresses and shorts again. I miss frolicking through the woods and I daydream of planting and maintaining a garden, sunbathing with a cold ice tea, reading a fantastic book while swinging in my hammock... I'm getting antsy and angsty and can feel the irritation grow as I sit in my cold car every morning enticing my heater to warm up faster.

When we can't spend as much time outside in nature as we'd like to, there is a way to connect through meditation and mindfulness. Take a minute to look outside through a window and watch nature play. The birds and squirrels don't seem to mind the cold, so we can live vicariously through them simply through observation and appreciation. Bathe in the moonlight that comes through your window at night. Close your eyes and imagine your favorite place in nature and feel the warmth of the sun and breeze wash over you. It's amazing how calm and settled you will feel after taking a trip to your "happy place". Warm those bones from within until we can finally enjoy the true warmth outwardly.

An update on my water drinking challenge... to be completely honest, it was significantly more difficult than I would ever have imagined. I keep water bottles with me everywhere, but I realize how little I utilize their purpose. The days I did manage to stay on top of my 75 ounce goal I felt fantastic. I had less bloating and hunger cravings. My skin felt soft and smooth. My mind was clear and energized. And I didn't have the need to guzzle water at night while in bed. I will continue to try to drink more water now that I'm aware of the fact that I'm usually not getting enough. With spring in the air, the time for change and nourishment is upon us. What will you do to benefit your body, mind, and spirit?

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