New Beginnings

Updated: May 8, 2020

Hello all,

Thank you for taking a peek at my blog and please feel free to provide me with any feedback, for this is only my second attempt at blogging.

My first blog revolved around my travels aboard a cruise ship as I worked and lived as an acupuncturist at sea. Considering the many different places I was fortunate to explore, my first blog basically spoke for itself.

For this blog entry, I introduce my private acupuncture practice on dry land and my new explorations into business ownership.

I abandoned ship July 4, 2017 and officially became a local Brevardian (Brevard, NC) on July 10th when I was fortunate to find the perfect cabin in the woods to call home. I literally stepped ashore and had to reinvest in the "real world" by buying a car, getting a cell phone and plan, finding a place to live, "nest" in said place, and finally embark on the many (many) steps to starting a business. On top of all that, I decided to finish my doctoral program the same week of my grand opening (not the best move for my sanity, but well worth it in the end).

My practice now consists of two treatment rooms, a small lounge-like waiting area, storage in the back, and my "office" or desk region. The colors and decor are earth toned and comforting; while representing my rendition of a peaceful, relaxing, and vacation-like environment to escape the stress and busy-ness of daily living. But this is not how I found the space initially... I discovered a large open space with beautiful wood floors in the quiet lower level of the Hollingsworth Building (below Quotations Cafe). Formally a dance/yoga studio, the room included a full length mirror and... solid black walls. Imagine my nightmare of turning pitch black to subtle earth tones!

After several days of hard work and bribing reliable new friends, the mission was complete. Walls were renewed and rejuvenated, furniture built and placed, and my business adventure was finally ready to begin.

Acupuncture works best as a course of treatments. Depending on the person, the severity and chronicity of their ailments, and the amount of work the patient is willing to put in outside of treatments, a "course" consists of anywhere between 3-12 treatments. Most people only require one course, big or small, although in severe cases a more regular regime may be necessary.

Traditionally, in China, people see their acupuncturist or herbalist every day until the problem goes away, while having preventative treatments along the way. Unfortunately, as westerners, we wait until we've tried everything else to finally check out an acupuncturist. On the cruise ships I was able to treat traditionally in the sense of achieving a full course of treatments in one cruise. That could be 12 treatments in a 14 day cruise or even only 3 treatments in a 14 day cruise, for example. The results I saw were outstanding!! Not to mention personally rewarding as I lived on board with these patients. I watched in awe as 65 years of severe chronic back pain melted away in as little as 1-3 treatments then remained at bay by finishing a full course of 10 treatments. For more examples, visit my Testimonials. 

As of now I am 4 months into my business and things are going very well. I am exceeding my own expectations and look forward to finding new opportunities and conquering more obstacles along the way. I already have a satisfying patient count which continues to grow. I recently started community style treatments, aka "Acupuncture Happy Hour", every Tuesday and Thursday 5-7pm which is has been a lot of fun so far! (Note: as of March 2020, Happy Hour has found a new home at Elk Haven Wellness).

I have finally planted roots in the soil and love my career! Every day I get to meet new people and hear their stories while practicing a medicine that I love. Living the dream!

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