Passion is Pain: Case Study

I have a 19-year-old female patient who is an exceptional artist. Unfortunately, her hands are constantly in pain with inflamed tendons all the way up to her elbows. The only way to completely rid her body of this pain would be to stop drawing and to use her hands less. She refuses to ignore her passion and pushes through the pain every single day. 

She started coming in for acupuncture with me several months back now and noticed relief with treatments. My heart melted today when she showed me pictures of her most recent assignment: to use the first letter of her name (G) as an expression of how she feels. She chose to represent this assignment by drawing a phenomenal depiction of her hand for the sign language letter G. She is going to incorporate acupuncture needles into the drawing since people associate needles with being painful, but in her case, needles remove the pain she feels. I am so looking forward to having a copy of her final piece to hang in my office to remind me every day to never give up on passion. 

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