Spring Cleaning for the Mind

Spring cleaning is more than just an excuse to get rid of the old and freshen up your home, it's a natural progression between the Winter and Summer seasons. Decluttering your environment benefits your mental health and physical well-being. 

Removing clutter from your environment, cleans out the mind. 

Choose something to spring clean from each of the following categories: Environment, Relationship, and your Mind.

Environment: You can clean out the entire home and really purge out the old and freshen up your life, or you can start small and clean out the fridge or your dresser. Choose a room and make it a goal to spring clean the whole room in a week, or in a month. Regardless of your goals being big or small, spring cleaning this time of year encourages the natural rhythm of the seasons. Clean up the leftovers from Winter season and make way for Summer fun! 

Relationship: Try Spring cleaning your friend list on social media (I mean really, who actually has hundreds or thousands of close friends?) or going through your old photos that don't necessarily represent who you are now. 

Mind: Decluttering your environment will also give your mind a refreshing new take on life. Sweep out those old cobwebs and thoughts that don't serve you as you move forward in life, this makes way for new and exciting opportunities and insight. 

Here's an example on how one person decluttered her space and benefited her Mind:

Case Study:

I have been seeing a 44-year-old female patient for a couple of months now. Her primary concerns involved tension in the neck and back, menstrual/hormonal irregularities, and general stress and anxiety. 

Treatments have been going incredibly well: hormones were balanced, pain and tension decreased, stress and anxiety in check. We were working on coping mechanisms to prevent tension in the future, which led to the physical pain in her neck and back. All was going well, and maintenance treatments were beneficial. 

One day she came in just reeling: wide eyes, loud voice, frantic movements... We couldn't understand what had caused this regressive shift, so she decided to come in twice that week to get things back in alignment. She felt great immediately after the treatment, but by the time she returned to her second treatment that week, chaos returned. 
After discussing more details about changes in her life, the problem became apparent. She had been renovating several rooms in her home, and the house was chaotic and disorderly. Piles of clothes and books and random objects just thrown about and stuffed into different places. Finally, after weeks of not having order at home, she had snapped. 

Her homework was to pick one room in the house to declutter and organize. A place she could retreat to and soak in the calm when the chaos overwhelmed her. She chose her study, which she rarely used in the past. After tidying up her desk and bookshelves, she cleaned the floors and went through the boxes in the corners. She even bought a little plant to put on the shelf by the window. 

By the time she came back for her next appointment, her body and face were relaxed, and the frenzy was gone from her eyes. She even felt so good, she extended the homework assignment and decluttered her bedroom and master bath. Now, she's able to walk through the parts of her house that are undergoing construction without feeling anxious, knowing she has a few sanctuaries to choose from.

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