Success Story: Back to Feeling Pain Free

There once was a woman in her 70's who has been struggling with excruciating back pain for over a decade. This is a story I hear day in and day out with slight adjustments to the details.

This particular woman came in a little over a month ago now with a positive attitude laced with skepticism. She hardly believed that acupuncture could help her with her type of pain, yet it worked wonders on her friends and family members. "Worth a try," she said.

The poor dear couldn't even find a comfortable position to stay in while the needles worked their magic. After trying different chairs and setups, we finally found a way to let the needles be retained for a therapeutic length of time without causing her further discomfort. Gentle needling combined with different adjunct treatments (manual work such as massage, heat, cupping, etc.) were applied each week.

The first few treatments actually led to more soreness, or a different type of pain, for a few days then back to the usual excruciating torture. She felt a bit discouraged but was determined to commit to the full course of treatments.

Then something wonderful happened. The post-treatment soreness stopped occurring and a new sensation started taking over: comfort. This comfort continued to grow and the pain started dissipating.

It brings me great joy to report that this time, for her 7th treatment, she came in with a huge smile and happiness in her eyes where the pain used to live. The pain is completely gone. It has been gone for 3 weeks straight (since her last appointment).

We are now on a maintenance program of once a month to keep the pain at bay and her life has turned around. She's finally able to sleep through the night and is able to walk without pain. Now that she's obtaining the rest she needs in the evening and the exercise she enjoys during the day, her overall health is able to continue the progress of healing the source of her back pain. 

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