Pulse Diagnosis

Feel the Beat

The pulse is a primary and highly utilized method of diagnosis in Chinese Medicine. Thousands of years ago, ancient practitioners felt and analyzed the different pulses throughout the body when there wasn't any technology such as blood tests, MRIs, X-rays, and virtual resources. 

Today, the pulse remains sacred.

Three different pulse positions on the radial side of the wrists are felt at a superficial and deep level. Feeling the pulse rate in Western Medicine focuses on the speed or beats per minute. However, each position's quality, characteristics, and personality come into play in Chinese Medicine.

The different locations represent organ systems and channels. Identifying where the beat is strong and bounding against the fingertips or weak and challenging to palpate describes the body's imbalances.


The blood flowing through the vessel signals the practitioner's intuition and keenly attuned skills to guide the treatment.

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