Welcome to your first visit to Kara Haines Acupuncture; We are delighted to meet you and work with you towards your wellness goals.


Initial paperwork will be completed and signed before your session begins. These forms include your overall health intake, including questions regarding your current state of health, lifestyle, past illnesses, and family history. A signature will be required for informed consent to treat, HIPAA regulations, and financial policy (all under New Patient Intake Forms). Please read the Welcome Letter ahead of time. 


Once the paperwork is completed, our discussion begins. We enjoy listening to your story while working through your concerns and deciding on a treatment plan that works best for your unique self. As a holistic medicine, questions are asked about you as a whole and details regarding your chief complaints. Check out the 10 Questions that are commonly asked. Chinese medicine focuses on both the root (cause of the symptoms) and the branch (the symptoms). Not only do we want you to feel comfortable as soon as possible, but the goal is to make sure your symptoms don't return. 


Next is the diagnostic portion of the consultation. Like a detective, we discover your pattern diagnosis through questioning, observation, and traditional and modern diagnostic tools. Tongue and Pulse diagnosis has been used for centuries to determine the imbalances of the body and channels. AcuGraph, modern technology and software, provides us with an objective diagnosis and visual presentation of where the imbalances are within the meridians or channels of the body. 


Finally, your treatment involves a relaxing setting in which you receive the best therapy to suit your needs and comfort. Familiarize yourself with all the different services available (your practitioner will choose the best treatments for your particular situation). Any service applied will also be fully explained to you for consent at the time of your treatment. 


For your first treatment, we introduce the body to this new form of balancing gently and safely. During follow-up treatments, we will adjust the procedures and recommendations according to your progression. 


A classic treatment uses acupuncture and, on average, 10-20 micro-fine needles are gently placed. The most common points are located below the knees and elbows, the back or abdomen, and occasionally the head, face, or ears. Less is more in Chinese medicine. 


Depending on the condition, a hot pack with castor oil may be applied to benefit digestion, overall relaxation, or the area of pain. A far-infrared heat lamp can be applied to your feet or area of discomfort to benefit the healing process further. Jade and tourmaline table warmers are also available to continue your relaxing experience while balancing the channels. *Note: heat is not required for results. 

You will rest comfortably with the needles in for approximately 15-30 minutes while listening to soothing music. Aromatherapy is also available. Many people find acupuncture treatments deeply relaxing, and it is not uncommon for patients to fall asleep during this time. 


If needles are entirely not your thing yet you are searching for a holistic healing experience, visit the Non-Needle option tab. Your treatment will look similar to that described above, except with non-needle techniques substituted for the needles to activate the acupoints and channels. 


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to answer any questions or concerns.